EDC Beuatification 3  edc-beautification-1

The purpose of this program is to encourage business and/or property owners to improve and beautify the exterior appearances of their buildings.

Eligibility Requirements: Must be a business located within the city limits of Baldwin City, Kansas.

Eligible Activities:  Improvement and beautification projects include, but are not limited to painting, siding, awnings, fencing, windows, roofs, driveways and landscaping.

Match Requirements: This is a 50%-50% matching grant. The property owner must provide at least 50% of the project in cash. The other 50% of the project cost (not to exceed $1,000) will be provided by the Baldwin City Economic Development Corp.

Maximum Grant: $1,000 per address, per year.

Number of Grants Awarded: The number of grants awarded is dependent upon the dollar amount of requests received. A maximum of $3,000 is available for the 2009 calendar year.

Judging Criteria: Applications will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Should multiple applications be received simultaneously, they will be scored based on those projects that have the most impact on the beautification of Baldwin City. Decisions of the Baldwin City Economic Development Corp. Board are final.

Application Deadline: Applications may be submitted at any time and will be accepted until all available funds are committed or expended. Completed applications should be mailed to one of the addresses listed on the grant application form (see the link below).

Other Requirements: Applicants must include at least two itemized cost estimates or bids for the proposed project. Special consideration will be given to those bids obtained from Baldwin City businesses/contractors. Applicants must also include a copy of the approved building permit, if applicable, and any other required permits/licenses (ex. KDOT approval permit). City building code and design guidelines, if applicable, must be met. Include ‘before’ photographs of the proposed project site.

Award Notification: Grant awards will be announced as awarded at the regular monthly Baldwin City Economic Development Corp. meetings (the 3rd Thursday of each month).

Award Disbursement: The grant will be disbursed when the project is completed. For disbursement, include photographs of the finished project with a copy of all paid receipts.

Completion Deadline: The project must be completed withing 6 months of date of award. Any projects not completed by the deadline will become ineligible for grant funding. Consideration will be given to circumstances beyond applicant’s control.

Contact Baldwin City Economic Development at (785) 766-9505 for more information.